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John  Cunningham

John Cunningham

Senior Vice President

John Cunningham's career began at Shearson Lehman Brothers as a retirement planning consultant. His position required him to help the brokers and their clients establish and evaluate their current 401(k)s and/or other qualified plans. After several years, he became a financial consultant for Smith Barney Shearson. John furthered his knowledge and experience by joining Tribus Financial Group, Inc. (now known as Wachovia Insurance Services Agency, Inc.) to help establish a retirement planning services department. John joined Thesco Benefits LLC and established the Retirement Planning Services division in February 2001 to build a benefit firm that will provide service to all types of retirement plans.  In 2011, John joined Alliant Retirement Services a well known nationally recognized 401k RIA.

Alliant Retirement Planning Services works along with Alliant Insurance Services Corporation and other benefits firms to provide retirement planning services to all size corporations. Alliant Retirement Consulting Services represents and works for you, the client. Alliant will research the current retirement plan market to find the ensure a level of service and pricing that is competitive for your company and negotiate with the current vendor to ensure the best service and pricing. On an ongoing basis, Alliant will evaluate the plan, establish goals and objectives for the plan, conduct investment/compliance reviews, as well as enrollment and education meetings.

Alliant strives to keep clients up-to- date with regulation changes, and works with them to ensure compliance with IRS and DOL regulations. We use our knowledge of the retirement plan market to ease the client’s burden of searching for a vendor and ongoing administration.

Our mission is to do everything possible to assist employers in helping their employees reach their retirement goals.